I am a person who loves to tinker with things.  I find that if I don’t have something to work on constantly then I feel a bit lost; that being said I am always busy doing something.  I have split my professional career between running my own company full time in my twenties to working for fortune one of the biggest 500 company in my thirties.

I started this blog to start documenting the things that I do for fun or as a proof of concept for an entrepreneurial concept.  I feel that the things that I have done is worth while to document in a way that others can quickly ramp up on.

Not only do I enjoy tinkering on the side, I also love to work with others and teach people what I have learned.  I periodically will do in person training at a family owned business/facility.  This blog fits my life perfectly on multiple parallels; whether it is creating a good “How-to” guide in a way no one else has on a difficult concept or as a good outline for a course I plan on conducting locally.