This portfolio represents the last 5-6 years of work which applies to the mobile development industry. I am very passionate about technology in general; when reviewing my portfolio, please keep in mind that none of this work was produced for any position I held. This was all done outside of work with myself being the sole developer for every product. My full skill sets can be derived from my resume as it has my work experience defined within it as well.

In an effort to be fully transparent I have opened up all of my source code to anyone who views this portfolio. Some of my code will be password protected within BitBucket; I have temporarily changed my account credentials so that anyone who views this can get in and clone any repository they wish to view.

Email allen@nodirection.com for access to the repo


AskMob is a project I worked on for roughly 2 – 3 years; this application had roughly 80,000+ installs between android and iOS before I had to shut down the operation. This project was actually very complex as I was the only developer who created the end to end solution. All links take you to the Source Code or Documentation on how this deliverable was setup. In addition to this, I recently added a deep dive document into this product. (Download the deep dive PDF)

Code and Concepts Executed in this project:


Android Start MVC Template was designed with the intent to help traditional web developers easily make the transition over to android development. My goal in writing this is to give developers all of the tools they needs to create a business/social app. Within 10 minutes you can make this project your own and are coding your custom business logic.

Concepts covered in this template:

  • Inner application broadcasts or for listening to events, we are using EventBus which is a 3rd party open source product.
  • Requesting data from servers with Json
  • Populating models which will self populate entities using our API manager
  • Using a custom DatabaseHandler(repository) class along side of SQLite.
  • Changing fragments and pass data along with the switch
  • How to manage, scale and redraw images using the standard android libraries
  • Saving application settings and preferences.
  • Loading images from external sources using the Picasso Library.


ShadowDrive was a Social Cloud Drive which was created specifically to give Facebook Page Owners a way to share files/content with their followers. The front end application was written in .NET MVC whereas the mobile application was developed using Cordova.

Youtube Video which demonstrated the Web Application, FaceBook/Twitter Integration and Mobile Applications.


Rasberry Pi – Since I am pretty much a complete nerd, I jumped into the Raspberry Pi revolution to see what it was all about along with everyone else.  I enjoyed learning this product so much that I decided to create a series of Blogs on how I learned to use the hardware/software.

Turning a light on and off – 3 part blog that walks you through the entire process of putting together hardware and software to control a light using Java Code.
Java and Real Time Sensors – How to overcome some limitations within the Java language in order to capture real-time data from hardware devices.


United Tax & Accounting Services – In 2017 my parents both passed away and left the siblings with this small Tax and Accounting company which we now run. My fathers wishes before he passed was that we run this company for at least 1 year after he is gone so his employees lives are not disrupted.

I have executed on his wishes and have demonstrated that I am pick up in an industry that I previously had no expereince and grow a company. The first year it shrunk after he had passed but I have learned the industry and have successfully grown this organization.

Based on what I have learned and the marketing strategy that I developed; I fully plan to expand the operations and hire new tax preparers to support the increasing volume of work.


MidwestDirt.net – My most passionate non-technical hobby is racing dirtbikes. My daughter and I both race them so we are always riding and practicing together. I have a YouTube channel and website dedicated to this passion which I use as a medium to extend on the exeriences from this passion.

Even though this is a non-technical passion; I obviously brought in a technical aspect to support what I love to do. I recorded all of our races and created vLogs from them as well as spinning up a simple wordpress site to document my thoughts about all of these experiences. I am still not great at vlogging but truely love it as it extends the experience as a whole for this hobby.


Ohio Military Reserves – In early 2019 I joined the Ohio Military Reserves. I wanted to make a difference in a public medium as well as hone in my skills with Cyber Security and Defence.

I am currently a Warrant Officer 1 in the S6 Group which is essentially their technology group. I have not been this excited about the opportunities which I can make a huge impact on since I was running my own company in my 20's. I obviousl cannot speak to all the missions I am involved with but I can say this was a great decision for myself as this will not only make an impact on the OHMR Organization but myself as well.


A little bit about me – I am a very self motivated individual who will do whatever it takes to see my projects and initiatives to completion.  In my 20’s I started a technology company with a partner and grew it to the point that we had an office with employees.  I ran that company for roughly 8 years before closing it and entering the traditional work force.  My entrepreneurial spirit has never left me as I am constantly working on ideas and projects on the side; technology and drive are attributes that are in my blood.

I am not always focused 100% on technology; one of my hobbies is racing dirt bikes.  My daughter is now old enough to join these events so she now races with me.  One of my proudest moments of my life occurred last year with the AMA picked up a vlog I created about one of our races.  They wrote an article about us and labeled it – “Father-daughter duo take on AMA enduro“.  For a few weeks we where features on the home page of the AMA (American Motorcycle Association).  To me this was an amazing accomplishment; our names/article where next to people whose names are known around the world for their accomplishments in this racing field.

I have found that no matter the medium in life; be it technology or hobbies, when you give 100% towards that medium and see it through more so than the other 90% of the population, great things happen.  I have been very happy with my accomplishments and progress in my personal and professional life.  Now I am looking forward to changing my path in Chase to put more of my personal passion in the forefront of what I can offer to this company.